Meet our Team


Our core team includes a group of renowned Reiki master teachers around the world who work with the Center.
Our master teachers who are outside of Germany are periodically invited to the teaching center.

Dr.-Ing. Babak Sorkhpour

ERMC founder and Reiki master (From/In Iran-Germany)

Dr. Sorkhpour working and teaching Reiki and energy systems since 2006. Babak is the Reiki master teacher of Usui, Karuna, Kagami, Seichim, Kundalini, and All-love. He is a computer specialist since 1997. He earned his Ph.D. in Embedded system and computer Science in Germany in chare of Embedded Systems at the University of Siegen.


All-Love and Sechim Founder (From/In USA-Brazil)

Patrick Zeigler is an International teacher and wonderful human being in service for mankind. On his constant journeys he has being helping those who come to him to experience to learn to open up their heart centers and, through it, connect to their true self and consequently connect with their soul and their connection to Source.

Today his seminars are called ALL-LOVE because the class greatest objective is to facilitate the way for people to experience love on every level and in every form. In the classes, Patrick guides his students in a journey of deep healing on all levels as well as to establish an opening to deeper inner portals with his warm guiding voice, and the purity of his soul.

Following his childhood heart desire, Patrick traveled to Egypt in 1980 and had the opportunity to sleep in the Great Pyramid. During the night he had a powerful initiation that would change his life. As he tried to understand the experience he had had in the pyramid, Patrick traveled to Sudan where he kept close contact with an Elder Sufi saint and his community in Khartoum. The combination between both these experiences helped creating the foundations for what we now know as the Sekhem Energy System, also pronounced as Seichim or Seichem.

After the experience in the pyramid and his time living with the Sufis, Patrick traveled to the Himalayas as a Peace Corp volunteer. In the small village where he lived he was dedicated to meditate several hours daily. It was in one of his meditations that he asked the name of the energy that he had been experiencing since his experience in the pyramid that the name Sekhem came. He received this name directly from Spirit through the inner voice; which may explain why there are so many different pronunciations of the word Sekhem in our time.

After living in Nepal Patrick returned to the United States and dedicated himself to study different holistic healing types from different spiritual lineages and in only four years after his first contact with this energy, immersed in his himself, studying, anchoring the knowledge and understanding, experimenting, observing and meditating profound and continuously, Patrick taught a class called Sekhem for the first time in 1984.

The energy is always the best teacher and Patrick, as an excellent observer and in deep connection with the energy he felt flowing continuously in his own system, kept learning more and more about it and adjusting his teachings to the different necessities of both the planet and of people who came to him, wanting to connect to that field.



Reiki Master (From/In Iran-Canada)

Since 2008 he is a Reiki Master Certified and teaching, Usui reiki, Kagami, Karona, Kundalini, Seichim, All Love, Stress management consultant, Aromatherapist, energy therapist, DNA healing, Cupping, Massage therapist and Meditation therapist.

He says, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to teach few hundred people in several countries for over 13 years.

Carolayn Groth

Reiki Master (From/In Germany)

At the beginning of 2008, we had to say goodbye to our friends’ dog with sadness. Our dog Bijou was 10 years old at the time and I became really aware for the first time that animal companions have not been with us all our lives.

So it happened that I picked up the article about Mrs. Zwernemann again and turned to her. Your wait for animal communication was long and I agreed that Verena Klein (animal communicator and veterinary practitioner) contacted Bijou.

I waited anxiously for the minutes. Does that really work and what should come of it? I was convinced that I knew and understood Bijou. I read about things, descriptions, behaviors, and feelings that could only come from Bijou. Some things she felt and understood differently than I had previously assumed.

Since then I have seen Bijou with different eyes. Our bond became more intense. She often showed me very clearly that I understood her. I learned to accept her as a personality.

The time came when I wanted to know exactly how animal communication works. I attended Ms. Zwernemann’s seminars and completed both of the online courses she offered.

I attended the seminars with Karin Böhnke and was ordained in Usui-Reiki. For me, it was clear that I would continue on this path for the benefit of animals and humans.

And again we had to say goodbye. Bijou left us on July 17, 2011, shortly before her 14th birthday.

Today I know that my path to animal communication and Reiki was wanted and accompanied by Bijou.

Since then I have learned various systems of energy work in seminars. With Rainbowreiki (by Walter Lübeck) and quantum healing (Tanja Peschke) I was given other wonderful tools to help people and animals energetically and as a spiritual mentor



Reiki master (From/In Turkey)

Beyhan was born and raised in Germany until she was 5. Although she studied Chemical Engineering she was always interested in psychology and spiritualism. She was attuned in Reiki energy in 2009 as 9th generation after Dr. Mikai Usui and became Reiki Master Instructor in 2016. Same year she entered into the world of ThetaHealing® She has professionally been witnessing many healing since 2016 and continuesly opening Reiki and ThetaHealing® classes mainly in Turkey and also all around the world.


Reiki Master (From/In France-Estonija)

Myriam is am Catalyst for Metamorphosis as a Reiki Master, Certified NLP Practitioner, Medical Hypnotherapist, Access Bars Facilitator, Quantum Bio-resonance Therapist , Nutritionist and Author.

With 28 years in the Health and Wellness Industry in Asia and Internationally, as a Human Potential, Wellness and Life Coach she, facilitate a variety of extremely powerful energy moralities & techniques to help you identify and release limiting believes and implant new empowering ones. She teaches in English and French, conduct workshops, seminars and Wellness retreats, do online consultations She was the organizer of the Health and Happiness Festival , 1st alternative health exhibition in Malaysia , an event to found the creation of Wealth of Women Center ( teaching entrepreneurship to abused and underprivileged women).

Her passion is to help empower people to be aligned, heal their wounds, accomplish more personal growth, self-awareness and inner peace to effectively achieve freedom, find true happiness and reach their dreams.

Myriam’s words of wisdom: The 3 C’s of Life : Choice, Chance, Change, You must make the Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change. Heal the past …Live the present …Create the future…

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