International All-Love Schedule 2020

Schedule 2020 Brazil Retreat February 22 -29 Governor Valadares March 7-9 Europe Spain retreat March 21-28 Dublin April 4-5 Gran Canary April 10-13 Yorkshire April 18 -19 Corbridge/Newcastle April 23-26 […]


Spain 8 Day All-Love Silence Retreat

La Senda de los Caracoles Spa Calle Manadero, s/n, Grado del Pico, Ayllon, Segovia

This Retreat is part of our Teacher Training Program, but it can also be taken by anyone who wishes to attain higher levels of consciousness and truly transform their lives.


All Love Sekhem workshop at Omega Institute

All Love Sekhem is a dynamic and experiential workshop focusing on the Sekhem Heart Initiation, a spontaneously occurring awakening of the spiritual heart and a deep integration of our source soul body to our physical body.