The idea of the center setting up has been formed in January 2020 by Dr.-Ing. Babak Sorkhpour After many years of teaching, study and research in metaphysics, computer engineering, and science in Germany. This suggestion has been supported by well-known and international masters of Reiki and metaphysics. Babak started to plan a kind of technical-scientific structure as well as supporting a strong cooperative infrastructure which is also educational to all the spiritual system fans. This European Centered collection in metaphysics and Reiki is called European Reiki and Metaphysics Center (ERMC). The center for this is Germany and its activities are related not only to Europe but also to all countries around the world. Considering this matter that all of our activities are in the energy frame, it seems really interesting that the abbreviation for the center name is pretty similar to Einstein’s famous formula E=MC2. is it really accidental?

Structures and Activities


ERMC structures and activities which are preparing and testing, include these issues at the moment:



Talking and making the tutors and masters the main team from different countries to get a universal movement leading by Dr. Babak Sorkhpour. At present, the names of the main team members are available for the public.


Center’s main modern and flexible website.

Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) to ease out the teaching, question, and answers, sending the educational context and financial accounting and finally issuing the common license for the students by the master and center.

Online Store

Online store to sell the members products or the students needs to help the members materialist richness.


Presenting the webinar, virtual and, verbal conferences as well as exhibitions.

World wide support

Scientific and spiritual support of all activists, students, and tutors all around the world.

Standard Resources

Making the united and standard handouts and study resources to present the best content to the masters and students.